Enough bulk material to make ten 36" x 48" "Screen Sandwiches". A Screen Sandwich consists of a core of one layer of blue tube sandwiched between aluminumscreen mesh which together create an air space for moisture removal. Position a polypropylene (wicks water away) felt between the screens and the paper. Place wet sheets of paper on the felt, add another felt, Screen Sandwich, felt, another sheet of paper, and so on, to create your stack. Versatile & long lasting, the Screen Sandwich will keep most paper from cockling when proper pressure is applied. 80 linear feet aluminum screen, 20 linear yards of dryer felt, and nearly 14 linear feet of Blue Tube. You cut and sew. Please include a 50% deposit.

Santa Ana Paper Dryer

Dry everything from a day's classwork to a production run. Size is about 36" wide x 48" deep x 44" high and can be loaded with 10 to 50 layers of packing material and paper or art work. Locking casters for portability. Options available: bottommounting of the blower which makes a more compact unit and a tilted table top can be added for a work surface where space is tight. Packing materials are sold separately. 


Dries 20" x 30" sheets. Perfect for a studio or teaching facility. A 16" 120 volt multi-speed fan provides the air flow. Holds up to 30 layers. Does not include packing material. UPS shippable; some assembly required. 50% deposit with your order; balance due upon shipment.

Packing Materials

There are many different packing materials which can be used with a drying machine.  The  packing material retrains the paper while allowing the air to flow so that the moisture can be removed. Some experimentation is required as to which material will work best for a given paper or art being dried.  The following are recommendations which can be sued as guide line

Packing Materials for Flat Sheets; Standard Pack Materials

The Standard pack material for flat sheets is the "Screen Sandwich"

Screen Sandwich.jpg

Screen Sandwich

The Screen Sandwich is made up of  3 materials layered on top of each other, in this order:

Second  layer is a flat smooth mesh designed to keep the paper flat and free from buckling

 First layer (bottom layer) is a stiff 3d mesh designed to allow the air to circulate